Set winch on the vehicle:

The line can not be tied to the coil !!!

Payout winch
Payout winch
Payout winch Eladia in boat
Make sure that the oil level in the lower plug on 90-100mm.
Hydraulic Oil HP46
Payout winch oil level
Connect '+' electric power cable to the positive terminal of the battery.
Payout winch solenoid

Connect the "-" wire from the winch housing to the machine body.
Copper wires must be not less than 35m2 (Ø 7-8mm pure copper) terminals and connection points must be
clean and pressed firmly bolted, since it will be held on a current 100A.
Unwind a little line, and press the motor - make sure that the motor is running. Watch a video

Payout winch lube shaft
Well lubricate the shaft

Before you start lifting winch pilot test: Tie the end of the rope to something. Set the knob in the left position open . Payout winch Eladia ruguljator
Start movement of cars at a speed of 15-20 km / h.
Turn the control knob to the right until the pressure gauge will show 70-80 bar - remember this position, the position of the handle will be optimal for the start of the solo pilot weighing 70-80 kg. - The "start" position Now you can rise in the pilot: Hook the end of the rope through the safety element with a breaking load of 100-120kg to the pilot. Adjust to the " Open ". To go forward from the pilot at a distance of 50-100 meters and stop. Get on the radio from the pilot agreement on the willingness to start. Set the control knob to "start" and start the movement at a speed of 25-30 km (the speed is very dependent on the wind and can be just a few km / h.) Starting from the start until the conclusion of the pilot to a height you have to see it in the mirror. If the pilot was not able to correctly display the wing, immediately stop the machine and set the dial to "at least" . If you can not see the pilot at all times torque, it is necessary to have an assistant observer. Following the withdrawal of the pilot to a height of 30-50 meters can be seamlessly added traction by turning the knob to the right. The winch is set to the maximum pressure of 130 bar, is 100 kg thrust.