Towing payout Winch Eladia  paraglider - video

Hydraulic payout winch towing paraglider & hand glider
Winch payout hydraulic for paraglider Dyneema line
Hydraulic payout winch in ATV

Hydraulic payout winch"Eladia" for towing Paragliders and Hang Gliders above land and water

Winch payout hydraulic for paraglider in caravan RUS ikonRUS



winch specifications
Weight 45 kg
Dimensions prepared to work 600 x 500 x 450mm
Mounting type Flat surface or tow hitch(caravan) using mounting bracket
Towing power 30-200 kg
Motor power(rewinder) 1.7 kWt 12V
Rewind Speed 1050 meters in 1 min
Remote control hose length 2.5m
Power cable length ---
Recommended battery capacity >50 Ah
cut system - guillotin ---
Hydraulic pump working life 100000 tows
Operating temperature range -5С ... +40°C
Drum capacity
dyneema line Ø3.0mm 1500m (BS 1050kg 205m/kg )

Force regulation:
Hydraulic payout winch Eladia
Over tension setting you choose what max tension you want the winch will
release and then pick up when setting is reached so the driver can never over tension
Price: 1900€+VAT (without line)

Tallinn, Estonia, EU
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